Extreme Downsizing

Think Your Home’s Small? Look At Hong Kong’s Illegal Microapartments

Have you ever complained about the size of your house or apartment? Wished you had a bigger closet? Imagine eating, sleeping, entertaining, and doing everything else in one room — and not just a normal-sized room– but a room about the size of a closet or jail cell. There is no private bathroom, no laundry facilities, no kitchen. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Now imagine that apartment costing more than $1,300 per square foot!

View the photos below to get a better idea of these living conditions.

1671933-slide-soco4These microapartments in Hong Kong are getting attention, thank to Chinese human rights group Society for Community Organization. An estimated 100,000 people (or more) are living in these unauthorized apartments and paying a hefty penny for them!

Many of us have experienced tight quarters during our college years (hello dorm life!) or during our early post-college years living in tiny apartments. You have to start somewhere. But these living conditions in Hong Kong are horrific. I’m getting claustrophobic just looking at the photos.

Makes you thankful for what you have, right?

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