Designers take over Vegas!

So I spent the majority of last week surrounded by designers - some seasoned (Can you say NPR, SFMOMA, Businessweek, Facebook, Pinterest, Google, 3M, etc.), some at the beginning of their careers - at the AIGA Design Conference in Vegas! This was my first time in the Sin City, so I was equally excited to … Continue reading Designers take over Vegas!


Recent Freelance Projects

I just looked at my last blog post and realized I haven't written a post since June! Holy moly have I been busy! In addition to starting a new marketing/public relations job this month, I have also been working on several freelance and volunteer design, writing, and marketing projects -- including a website for artist … Continue reading Recent Freelance Projects

Chinese City Seeks to Fine Unwed Mothers

Chinese city plans to fine unmarried mothers. In the United States, having a child out of wedlock hardly carries the stigma it once did. If a single woman has an unplanned pregnancy, she is more likely to consider keeping the baby and does not feel the need to hide her pregnancy. We also are seeing … Continue reading Chinese City Seeks to Fine Unwed Mothers

Sweden’s Real Size Mannequins

Sweden's Real Size Mannequins Go Viral | Living on GOOD. Last week, a retail store in Sweden debuted mannequins that look more like the average woman--which by the way is a size 14. Society has us believing the average woman is closer to a size two or even zero. If more realistic mannequins become more … Continue reading Sweden’s Real Size Mannequins

Extreme Downsizing

Think Your Home’s Small? Look At Hong Kong’s Illegal Microapartments Have you ever complained about the size of your house or apartment? Wished you had a bigger closet? Imagine eating, sleeping, entertaining, and doing everything else in one room -- and not just a normal-sized room-- but a room about the size of a closet … Continue reading Extreme Downsizing