Mariah’s New Album Brings Chirstmas Early

Since the day I heard my idol Mariah Carey was releasing another Christmas album, I started counting down the days to the November 2nd release. I am a sucker for Christmas music (I play it year round whenever the mood strikes) and I am an ultimate Mariah Carey fan! As soon as I got off … Continue reading Mariah’s New Album Brings Chirstmas Early


Diddy defends Bieber’s BET nomination

Diddy defends Bieber's BET nom | Music | Entertainment | Toronto Sun. Wow Diddy, you are finally good for something, besides entertaining me with your five billion "Making the Band" shows, which are always great entertainment, but sadly never yield very successful artists (R.I.P. Danity Kane, I did love you!) Diddy defended Justin Bieber's right … Continue reading Diddy defends Bieber’s BET nomination

Christina Aguilera’s New Video! She’s Still Got It!

YouTube - Christina Aguilera Not Myself Tonight Official Music Video HD. Christina is finally back! I feel like it has forever since she has graced us with her presence. I love the song! The video is cool...slightly out there. It kind of sucks that everyone is saying she is trying to be like Lady Gaga. … Continue reading Christina Aguilera’s New Video! She’s Still Got It!

Leighton Meester=My Latest Girl Crush

So Leighton Meester has successfully transitioned from television to the music scene, something countless others have tried, but miserably failed (*cough* Hilary Duff, *cough* Miley Cyrus....I could probably go on forever).  The first song time I heard Ms. Meester was on Cobra Starship's song "Good Girls Go Bad" and I asked myself "Who the heck … Continue reading Leighton Meester=My Latest Girl Crush

"Life is Better"- Q-Tip f/Norah Jones

This song is like a breath of fresh air! It's such a great collaboration. Norah Jones's jazzy and melodic vocals paired with Q-tip's smooth rhymes equals a hit song. And I love the video too. It's fun and a bit quirky. It looks like they had a great time making it. I like the chorus … Continue reading "Life is Better"- Q-Tip f/Norah Jones